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List of Charana Chowkies

We said that there are twelve charana chokies of the "Nikunja Nayaka" Sri Nathji. They are as follows :

  1. Jatipura : On the Mount of Sri Girirajji : This is the ancient mandir of Sri Nathji. It has the "Charana Chokies" of Sri Nathji. We believe that the presence of Sri Nathji can be felt at all times.
  2. Mathura : In Sat Ghara : By inspiring Sri Giridharaji, Sri Nathji has visited Sat Ghara - the residence of Sri Gosainji - in the s.y. 1623 - month Vraj Phagun, bright half of the month on the 7th day of the month -. Here Sri Giridharji surrendered all he has to Sri Nathji. In this pious and historical place the Charana Choki of Sri Nathji can be seen. This huge Haveli called Sat ghara was considered by the Rani of Gadh - Rani Durgavali.
  3. Agra : In the s.y. 1725 Sri Nathji has left Sri Giri Rajji on the full moon day and stayed in Agra on the full moon day and stayed in Agra where the festival of "Annakuta" was celebrated. This place is situated three miles away in the garden of one Suraj Bhanji.
  4. Dandot dhara : Gwalior :
    Here on the banks of Chambal river we have another charana choki of Sri Nathji. When HIS "Ratha" (Chariot) was stopped by the soldiers of Badshah Aurangjeb. We are told that the "Jalagharia" or water carried turned into a lion and roared at them and that the "Ratha" carrying Sri Nathji turned into a mountain. To reach this place you have to get down at the station of Chambal while you come from Agra. It is at a distance of 5 kosas from there. Seva is still rendered here. The cows of Sri Nathji are kept here.
  5. Krishnapuri :
    Sri VrajRai MaharajSri had rendered seva here for as long as 27 days to Sri Nathji. Thereafter Sri Govindji had taken care of seva as usual. Sri Nathji stayed in this place for the whole of "Chaturmasa" (i.e.., complete rainy season). The same seva tradition is maintained here. This falls on the railway line from Agra to Murena station. Here you have to get down to go to the place where Charana Choki is at a distance of 2 kosa. Krishnapuri is on the banks of Asan river. It is a village.
  6. Kota : Krishna Vilas : Sri Nathji remained on a place called "Padma Sila" Chaturmasa was celebrated here.
  7. Kisangadh : " The Charana Choki is placed about 2 to 2 1/2 miles away from Kisangadh on a mountain "tekari" (elevated space) . Sri Nathji reached here in spring (Vasant). The surroundings are very radiant and beautiful/ e have a "Kadamba Khandi" (Where the trees of Kadamba (ball like flowers are predominent). The river \nearby is translucent and full. This place is famous as "Putambarji's Gal". From here Sri Nathji traveled to "Banvala".
  8. Champa Seni : Mostly known as "Chaupasani". We have the "Charana Choki" of Sri Nathji. Here too there is "Kadamba Khandi", which is very beautiful. Indeed it is saturated with spiritually. Sri Nathji had been offered "Bhog of Annakut". In the s.y. 1728, Month of Kartak, Bright half of Full Moon, Sri Nathji reached Mewar from here.
  9. Udaipur : During the reign of Maharana Raj Singhji, Sri Nathji stayed in Udaipur for nine months. Here we have a beautiful Mandirs of SriNathji. His charana choki is placed in it. The mode of seva is very orderly. There is also proper accomodation if Vaishnavas desire to stay. it has a Gosala also.
  10. Simhada :The 10th charana choki of Sri Nathji can be seen in Simhada where his Rath got stuck. Presently the "Kharch Bhandar" (Store for Provision) is situated on this place.
  11. Ghasyad : The 11th charana choki is in Ghasyad. This place is about 10 kosas from Udaipur Sri Nathji remained in this holy place between S.Y. 1858 to 1864 i.e., for six years. Here also we have a Mandir as beautiful as is in Sri Nathadwara. Sri Nathji's largest Gosala is also here only.
  12. Sri Nathdwara: Sri Nathji was shifted to the present premises in Sri Nathadwara in s.y. 1864. Even since HE remained here only G.T. Sri Damodarji had celebrated one "Chappan Bhog" (festival of huge preparations) utsav here.