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Idealism of Baithakjies

We believe that Sri Mahaprabhuji's present stay, put in all Baithakjies. He had given a glimpse of his to all in the form of an "Acharya". He has also maintained that status of "Acharya" in his conduct with all and in mentioning the order of vedas. Hence the seva as it should be towards an Acharya should also be continued in Baithakjies as a routine.

In addition he has also established the form of Viprayoga on this planet which expresses a life of simplicity. Hence we are asked to offer service to him in those Baithakjies in as simple a manner as is possible. Let us maintain a simple form of the "Nija Mandir" (Sanctum), clean and well kept. In good old times the platform where the seat of Sri Mahaprabhuji is kept was managed with the spreading of cow dung and sand. This method is no longer convenient in modern times, hence we see that marble and tiles are used enhancing its apperance. but we should keep in mind that simplicity of these places is maintained. If at all the walls have to be coloured let them be done in sober colours.

Bhagavadiyas do insist that the "Sayyamandir" (where he would sleep at night) of Sri Mahaprabhuji should be according to the sentiment of Sri Gosainji (because a part of his personality expresses these divine sentiments). Here he rests in the form of Sri Thakurji and Sri Swaminiji sport in couple form. So decorate this room in a beautiful way. It should be well ventilated. The bed should be broad and comfortable.

Attached to the "Nijamandir" and "Sayyamandir" there should be well equipped kitchen, doodhghar (Where milk and milk products are prepared), and a tidy bath room etc.

Now that vaishnavas would like to visit these holy places they require separate accomodation for taking bath to keep themselves clean and sanctified, a dry place to wear clothes, a cupboard like arrangement to keep valuables, safety, provision for tilak, charnamrut, etc.

If the "Sayyamandir" is a spacious vaishnavas can enter it to offer "Jhari" and have the facility for "Charnasparsh" (these are forms of seva). A "Jhari" is a vessel with a nose to hold water. Charna sparsha is a act where touch the bedding with the sense of touching the feet of Sri Mahaprabhuji.

There should be a neat, beautiful gardens around. If the surrounding area can be arranged in such a way that the vaishnavas take it as a "Nikunja" or bower where Sri Thakurji sports with Sri Swaminiji) it is essential be free of whole place ooze serinity. Be free of quarrelsome elements. It should be kept free of all materialistic surroundings.

In course of time if new Baithakjies are discovered or a new Baithakji is constructed all these aspects should be kept in mind so that the sentimental vaishnavas can find a right atmosphere to offer seva.