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The Form of Charna Choki

A charana choki is the wooden stand where Sri Thakurji is placed. In our sampradaya only the icon of Sri Nathji is static. The rest are movable. During the reign of Mugal Emperors the icon of Sri Nathji is taken to several places and in all these places he has been installed on various "Chokies".

We have understood that the "Chontaries" or platforms built in Baithakjies stand for the presence of Sri Mahaprabhuji. In the same way the chokies where ever they are placed stand for the presence of Sri Nathji.

According to the principles of Sudha Advaita Brahmavada the lilas of Sri Thakurji are eternal. No lila is there that might have happened in the past and will not be repeated in future. This doctrine is called "Nitya Lila Vada" by Sri Gosainji.

This doctrine reiterates that in all those places where Sri Nathji has visited during the itsnary of his exit from Jatipura, HE has HIS "Charna Chokies" and seva is offered to them. Just as we offer seva to Baithakjies believing the presence of Sri Mahaprabhuji. Therein, it is also believed that the presence of Sri Nathji is anticipated in all "Charna Chokies".

Hence various vaishnavas visit all these places with the idea of gaining a glimpse of Sri Nathji. This gives us an idea to the fact that how HE has remained behind the scene in those places he has thus visited eventhough they were situated in beautiful surroundings.

Sri Nathji passed through twelve different places when HE left. Jatipura and before he finally settled in Sri Nathadwara. Hence we have twelve charana Chokies in existance. When we go to these places we will come to know the various lilas HE has performed in all these places. This will enhance our Bhakti Bhava towards Sri Nathji.