Appearance of Shree Krishna

Atha Pragatya Vichar (from Bhav Bhavna by Shree Dwarkeshji)

First the appearance of Shree Krishna at Shree Vasudevji’s place at Mathura. This appearance was consisting of Three Vyuhs (Representative Powers of Shree Purushottam) outside and inside was of course purna Purushottam. For e.g Just like Lotus has got petals outside and middle KALI is surrounded by Petals of Lotus, same way, Shree Prabhu appearance at vasudevji’s place was consisting of internal Purna Purushottam and surrounded by Vyuhas i.e. Three Vyuhas. In Shree Subodhiniji, the Four Vyuhas of Shree Purna Purushottam are described:

  1. Vasudev
  2. Sankarshan
  3. Pradhyumna
  4. Annirudhha

The description of above Vyuhas can be found in Janma Prakaran – Shree Subodhiniji.

The Three vyuhas appeared at Mathura were Anniruddha, Sankarshan, and Pradhyumna with Purushottam. According to ‘Prachyaam Dishimduriv Pushkalah’ the appearance of ‘Purusuhottam is confirmed. According to ‘Jaaymaanejane Tasminnedundurdubhayo divi’, the appearance of ‘Anniruddha’ vyuh is confirmed. According to ‘Nishithe Tam Udhbhute Jaay mane Janardane’, the appearance of ‘Sankarshan’ Vyuh is confirmed. According to ‘Devkyaam Vishnuhu Prarduraaseet’, the appearance of ‘Pradhyumna’ Vyuh is confirmed.


On Bhadrapad Krushna 8 Buddh mid night at the time of Rohini Nakshatra Chandra Sambandh, that time Shree Prabhu appeared with three Vyuhas at Vasudevji’s place at Mathura. After that, Shree Vasudevji and Devkiji did the stuti (Praise). After that Shree Prabhu ordered to them that “Since you both did penance for Devtas 12 thousand years continuously for me, I gave a boon to you both at that time to take appearance at your home for three births”. First time shree prabhu appeared as the son of Prushna and Suttapa, known as Prushni Garbh. On their next birth as Kashyup and Aditi, Shree Prabhu appeared as ‘Vamanji’ and on this birth as Vasudev and Devki, he himself appeared as son.


After doing this aagya, Shree Prabhu became Prakrut child. Which is this swaroop? To answer this question, this swaroop is the swaroop that appeared at shreemad Gokul at Shree Nandraiji’s house. Shree Prabhu resided at Shree Yasodaji’s heart. When Shree Prabhu appeared at shree Nandraiji’s house, Shree Prabhu appeared Vyuh of ‘Pradhyumna’. Next moment (Second moment), ‘Maya’ (One of the powers of Shree Prabhu) appeared. The actual physical appearance of Shree Prabhu took place when “Maya’ appeared. Due to ‘Maya’, Shree yasodaji was in sleep and just knew that someone took birth, but did not know whether son or daughter was. Shree Vasudevji had the Chaturbhuj (Four armed) darshan of Shree Prabhu for only 2 Ghadis (one measurement of time according to Vedas). After that when Shree Prabhu also appeared at Nandraiji’s place, same time, Shree Prabhu at Shree Vasudevji’s place became just like a prakrut child. After that Shree Prabhu agya to Vasudevji to take him to Nandraiji’s place at Shreemad Gokul. After that Vasudevji place that child at Shree Yadodaji’s place. Thus Purna Purushottam became with all four vyuhas (three from Mathura and one in Gokul). Shree Vasudevji took ‘Maya’ from Shree Yasodaji’s place to Mathura..